Americans and Passports ✈

According to the U.S. Department of State, less than half of Americans have valid passports.

Over years of traveling I’ve taken a fair share of sh*t over why many fewer Americans have passports when compared to their European counterparts. But that number is lower than ever before.

Let me ask you this, how many countries can you hop around to in Europe with in a few hours journey? That amount of time might just get you to another state in the US! To drive from NYC to Buffalo, both which are cities in New York state, it takes 8 hours train journey and just under 4 hours flight.

The USA is so vastly different from region to region by both geography and culture. There are plains, mountains, deserts and 2 coasts each sharing its border with a different ocean. On my cross country road trip in 2016 this all became very apparent to me. I drove from New York all the way to California and saw a huge contrast of scenery, food, and accents.

England can fit into Texas 2.86 times. The USA is 40 times larger than the U.K. These facts
should pretty much blow your mind. They should also make you give Americans a break!

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