Back to Barca : a Reunion

Hey you it’s been awhile, 5 years actually. I’ve never been one desperate for a revisit, there’s too many new places on my list, but when my cousin, Becca asked if I wanted to accompany her to Barcelona I was more than willing! Spain was the first country abroad that I visited and the culture and lifestyle is up there amongst the best.

We booked this trip less than a week before we went and flights were still reasonable. Rebecca was initially only coming over from NYC to attend Parklife Weekender in Manchester, but ended up becoming unemployed days before her departure, therefore having some extra time on her hands. This worked out in favour for me 👍🏻 don’t worry she knew it was time to be going.

For a short break you can’t really go wrong. Becca had studied abroad in Barcelona for 4 months and I stayed with a host family for one month, so between us I figured we’d be able to get around without having to consult many maps or tourist info kiosks, because who wants to waste their holiday time on that? More time for sippin’ wine 🙂

So we are going to be 2 wine, beach, and nightlife lovers on the loose in Barca for 3 days.
Because we’d both covered the main attractions previously, we were aiming for a more local experience.

The last time I was here I was much younger and still in Uni so my pocket money was minimal. Most of my meals came from the kitchen of my host family which was great at the time, but now I’m looking forward to experiencing more of the restaurant food scene. I’ve become somewhat of a foodie – not in a pretentious way- just meaning most of my life revolves around food. I’m always thinking about where to get my next meal so that was definitely gonna be a focus of our trip as well as Cava and nightlife 🥂

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