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I have now been living in Croyde for over 3 years and I must admit that when I first moved here I was a little worried about the fact that it was so small! In these few years I’ve learned to appreciate the quiet times and look forward to the bustling summer full of holidaymakers(even if they make our roads a little too crowded sometimes). It’s an amazing thing to actually live where so many people spend their vacation and it’s reminds how lucky I am.

Some of my friends and family still don’t understand how I live here, but now when I go to visit them in New York I think the same thing of them! I absolutely love going to cities but part of me wouldn’t want to give up the space and nature that surrounds me. The luxury of having so many stunning walks and miles of coastal paths to explore, actually having a living room as well as outdoor space, and countless sunsets over the bay just out weigh the downfalls -major ones for me? being way too far from an airport and lack of music venues/eateries, but alas I manage.

Many of the workers in the local pubs and surfs schools here have the right idea, work in Croyde in the summer then head off travelling or do a ski season in the winter. I have happily adapted this way of life and so winter is when I usually get to do a big trip. This would be less likely to happen if I was living and working in a city. Additionally, Being so busy with my food truck business travelling around to festivals and events most weekends May-September makes me happy to come back to a chilled out little village.

So maybe I’ve become a country bumpkin? I’ll take it for now.

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I’m Lauren, a New Yorker currently based in Devon, England. I'm a lover of unique escapes, travel tricks and boho style.

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