How to Study Abroad

About 2% of U.S. students study abroad. But in this day and age of globalisation you would think it would be more!

When I decided I wanted to study abroad I felt like i needed to hunt down information. I didn’t really feel that the school pushed the importance of taking advantage of these incredible opportunities. Thankfully I was willing to do the work –It turned out to be the best decision of my life. I ended up meeting my future husband!

I think that some students assume that studying abroad is out of their reach whether for money or other reasons, but actually, if you do an exchange program like I did, your tuition is exactly the same!

  1. Make a list of the different places you would consider going. Decide whether you want to know the language or not.
  2. Check out what programs your school offers and see what’s in your price range. If you’re set on a location that isn’t offered you can probably go through a different school, but that will make it more complicated.
  3. Be sure to visit your advisor and make confirm the credits will be accepted by your home school! No one wants to get back and realise the semester didn’t count.
  4. Try and save basic courses for when your abroad as well as don’t give yourself too much of a work load. You obviously want time to travel and explore while you’re there!
  5. Try and socialise with the local students, not just the other international students. You went to another country to learn their culture.
  6. Don’t be afraid to explore on your own. I had some of the best times when I went to Prague and Malta by myself.

I studied abroad in Manchester, England and only had classes Monday-Wednesday. This allowed me to do lots of fun weekend trip and explore the city! Because I did an exchange semester, I simply paid my normal tuition. Additional costs were things such as flights and extra trips, but a positive was that the city and school provided so many students discounts and events I definitely didn’t have to spend too much on socialising.

If you’re debating whether to do it, remember that people tend to regret what they haven’t done more often then what they’ve done!

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