(Some of) The Most Insta-Worthy Locations in Cornwall

Insta-worthy locations in Cornwall

For those of you who don’t know, Devon and Cornwall are the 2 most southern counties in the UK. They are known for their coastlines, surfing and lots of tasty sea food!

Although I have been living in Devon for over 4 years now I’ve only managed to visit the neighbouring county of Cornwall once before! I was so excited when I finally got a couple days to explore one of the most beautiful and insta-worthy counties in the UK. The weather was looking good and I scouted out a few locations I didn’t want to miss.

Tintagel Castle

The first stop was Tintagel Castle. This place was one of those times that makes me think how much there is to see in this world. Only an hours drive away from my home in Devon and I had never been to this amazing place. The castle ruins were perched up on the cliff side and to get to the top you had to over a foot bridge and climb up potentially treacherous steps which scaled the cliff face. Here’s a fun fact –Apparently Tintagel Castle is where King Arthur was conceived!

St. Michael’s Mount

Next on my list was St Michael’s Mount. I stayed in the nearby town of Penzance and spent the night at the cosy Artist Residence.(Read about my stay at The Artist Residence here.) The mount is a tiny island off the shore accessible via a causeway that opens up at low tide or catch a boat! It’s home to a medieval church, castle and even some locals. Unfortunately, they are performing works on the island this winter so the island is closed. I could still admire its beauty from the shores.


I didn’t picture myself saying this, but one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen was the next stop on this trip — Porthcurno! Not only is the beach stunning, but you can also visit the Minnack theatre, an open air theatre built into the cliffside. There is even a coast past from the theatre straight down to the beach. The turquoise waters of Porhcurno were unreal, as if it had been touched by the gods!

Porthcurno Beach, Cornwall















Land’s End

Being that I was already so far close to the tip of England, I thought it necessary to visit the official ‘Land’s End.’ This actually ended up being a less raw then the first 2 stops and much more touristy than I would have liked. Although it still does feel good to say I’ve been to the end!

St. Ive’s

The final stop on the Insta-worthy tour of Cornwall, was the famous holiday town of St. Ives. The town has multiple beaches and the cutest harbour with quirky shops and restaurants lining the edges. There seems to be a bit more going on here than the likes on Penzance, while still maintaining its seaside charm.

St. Ives Harbour, Cornwall

I know that there are so so many more locations to explore in this amazing county and now that I’ve scratched the surface of Cornwall I’m sure I’ll be headed back!

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I’m Lauren, a New Yorker currently based in Devon, England. I'm a lover of unique escapes, travel tricks and boho style.


  1. Rachel November 10, 2017 at 2:06 pm - Reply

    Beautiful places, both in pics and real life!

    • Lauren McGill November 13, 2017 at 5:28 am - Reply

      Absolutely! I just love Cornwall <3

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