To be honest, Venice has never really been one of those places I needed to go. I had heard the horror stories of obnoxious cover charges, 20 Euro Bellinis and gondola rides pricier than a lace Venetian dress, but saying no to a £50 Ryan Air deal is not in my blood. Plus the fact that the dates landed just before Valentines Day, gave me and my husband a perfect excuse. To my surprise I ended up really enjoying the city of Venice. However, there are some key Venice tips you should know before heading to there in order to get the best experience possible.


Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

My Top Venice Tips

    Gondola Rides

If you catch one of the gondola men on a good day you may be able to knock the 80 Euro price down slightly. If that’s not happening, you better make some friends quick.

    Cover Charges

Not every restaurant has a cover charge.  Make sure you check it out before you sit down to see what you’re getting yourself into. St Mark’s Square is known for being a rip off in this department so I’d avoid eating or drinking there if you can.

    St. Mark’s Square 

Please don’t make eye contact with the men throwing bird feed at you or shoving a rose in your face. Enough said.

   Getting Around

There’s only two real options here. Walk or boat. If you want to explore the islands all around the main island you should pick up a boat taxi pass. You can buy one day or multiple days. If you just want to use it for transfers from the airport, a return ticket is available. You can easily find the taxi boat dock by following the blue boat on signs through out the terminal.

    Drinking and Dining

Don’t let the guy standing outside a restaurant convince you you’re in for the best meal of your life. Walk a little off the beaten path for better value food and drink options.  We payed as little as 1 Euro for a large slice of pizza, 4.50 for a large Bellini and 10 Euros for a litre of wine. (More on this in a coming post)

   Where to stay

I was very pleased with the hotel I booked. A few days before the trip I managed to grab a stay at Hotel Giorgione (4*) .  I paid £250 for 3 nights including a buffet breakfast. From what I see this is an excellent value deal for Venice. The hotel is in the neighbourhood of Cannaregio which was slightly away from the craziness, but only a short walk to it when we wanted.

   Key Vocab

Venice is a very touristy city. Therefore, a lot of the hotel and restaurant staff will usually speak some English. Do yourself a favour and learn just these few basic words, they’ll appreciate it and you’ll get your delicious wine faster.

Red Wine-Vino Rosso


Thank you- Grazie

Please – Per Favore



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