What to See in Malta


What to see in Malta

 The Three Islands of Malta

Malta is not just one island–it’s three! They are Malta, Comino and Gozo. Check out this guide on what to see in Malta and plan accordingly to make sure you take advantage of them all!

girl standing amongst Gozo salt pan, what to see in Malta

Salt Pans, Gozo


Gozo is the farthest from the airport so I decided to start here. You have to take a bus to the ferry and either rent a car, taxi or take the bus on the other side.  Unfortunately, with 2 flight delays my time of Gozo was cut short. I sadly did not fit everything in I had planned. Oh the joys of travelling!

Salt Pans

This is something I’d never seen up close. It was really quite beautiful and lies right next to the sea (as I’m sure most sea salt pans do)!

Alfred and girl at sea salt cave

Alfred and I at his sea salt cave in Gozo

 There is a man called Alfred who sits just outside his sea salt cave. He told me the cave has been in his family for years and years.  I couldn’t quite tell if all the stories he was saying were completely true but it made me buy salt from him!  A decent size bag of sea salt was only 2 euros so it was a real bargain anyway.

The Blue Hole/Azure window

This famous Azure window sat right next to the blue hole before it collapsed on March 8 2017 during severe storms.  However,  it is still worth a visit to this area. The blue hole is said to be an epic diving site. You can also snorkel or simply explore this part of the coast.

Tal Mixta Cave

This cave overlooks Ramla bay. It’s more popular cousin, Calypso Cave is starting to collapse and is now closed to the public. I would get here before it becomes very busy!

Umbrella at the Blue Lagoon, what to see in Malta

The Blue Lagoon, Comino


The Blue Lagoon

Comino is only 3.5 square kilometres in area. There is only 1 hotel on Comino and a few farmers. Nothing else is really there; besides an amazing place to hike or camp for the night, countless coves to discover and gorgeous blue water, duh! 🙂  You can spend a whole day here if you wanted. Do a hike around the island or rent a beach chair by the Blue Lagoon. This is my number one pick for what to see in Malta!

I suggest taking the earliest ferry you can to maximise your time with the least amount of people. From Gozo I took the 8am  water taxi for 10 euros return — it takes 15 minutes. Or there are lots of options if you want to book more of a full boat tour. These tours  will also take you to some of the nearby caves and usually they give you snacks and drinks. (these tours leave from various locations)

There is food and beverage available at the Blue Lagoon such as salads, burgers, fries,  and cocktails. I was pleasantly surprised to pay 7 euros for a really fresh salad with chicken that was grilled to order— I can’t say that happens later on in the day when its much busier but I was very content with it!


archway Upper Barrakka Gardens, what to see in Malta

Upper Barrakka Gardens terrace


The biggest of the three islands and home to the smallest national capital in the E.U. by area.


      St. John’s Cathedral

A beautiful church in the centre of Valletta. I didn’t have a chance to go in which is a shame but I’ve heard good things!

      Upper Barraka Gardens

These gardens overlook the Grand Harbour for some amazing views.  There is a canon fired everyday here at noon and 4pm as a saluting ceremony.

     Valletta Streets

The winding streets Valletta make for the perfect day’s wander.  Cafes and restaurants are abundant.


     Roman baths 

Pools cut out of the rock make for easy access to go swimming. Equipped with ladders to make an even easier entrance.

   Ferry to Valletta

If you take the 5 minute ferry from Sliema to Valletta this is actually the best way to get a great view of the capital city.  One way on the ferry costs 1.50 euros


A sleepy fishing village with colourful boats and sea food restaurants lining the harbour.

     St Peter’s Pool

  St. Peter’s pool is 1.5 miles from Marzxlokk. You can walk it or get a taxi to drop you off and then it is a few minutes walk down to the pool. The other option is to get there via one of the traditional beautiful boats, sadly this is also the most expensive option!

girl on edge of St. Peter's Pool, what to see in Malta

St. Peter’s Pool, Marsaxlokk


   Saint Agatha’s Tower

A large watch tower in Mellehia said to have amazing sunset views. This is sadly one of the sites I didn’t get to. It is also known as the red tower for it’s lovely colour. I cry at the lost potential of the perfect instagram shot here!

    Popeye’s Village

Visit the picturesque location of the the film set for the 1980’s musical Popeye. They left everything up and you can now visit it as a amusement park with interactive fun. A nice alternative to your typical pleasure park.

girl in doorway surrounded by flowers

flower lined door in Mdina


A beautiful ancient walled city. A great place to spend the afternoon. I recommend having lunch at Fontanella Tea Room and soaking up the view. This is where my husband and I actually had out first date so its a bit of nostalgia for me 🙂

What to see in Malta: If you have more time than me!

The 3 Cities

Dingli Cliffs

Winery tour

What to see in Malta

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