The Right Way to Travel: Carry on Essentials + Stylish Outfits for Traveling

I don’t know about you, but just being on a plane already makes me feel gross and stale, so I like to at least try and be a little put together! That being said, I obviously also want to be comfortable. I used to throw on whatever, but the more I travel, the more selective I’ve become with my travel outfits and more efficient I want my carry on essentials to be.

I seek out clothes that will meet my travel needs like comfort and efficiency, while maintaining a chic and stylish look and I want my carry on items to suit a purpose and not leave me feeling like I have too many extras.

Characteristics to look for when choosing Travel Outfits

When selecting a travel outfit I tend to go for simple, minimal looks, easy layers, neutrals and solid colors. Anything complicated  with a million zipper or straps can get annoying, especially when whizzing through the airport, or cramping between multiple people in a row.


What I like to wear while traveling : Outfit Ideas for Flying

My go-to travel outfits usually include leggings, comfy sweaters or cardigans, a denim or other jacket as a top layer,  a scarf in colder weather locations, a cute t-shirt and maybe some simple jewellery. Sometimes I’ll wear stretchy jeans or a jumpsuit, but that depends on the situation.  Slip on boots or fashionable sneakers are what I wear on my feet.

You can’t go wrong with a chic jogger set, a pair of Nikes and denim jacket with inside pockets!



 Comfy sweaters + Cardigans



Tunics + T-shirts





I love wearing a scarf that can double as a small blanket when I get on the plane! Multi use items are the best.

Jogger sets

Who said sweats can’t be stylish?! A matching crips set can be comfy and cute!

Slip on or zip boots + booties

Since I have Global Entry and Priority Pass it means I usually don’t need to take my shoes off at security, however I still sneakers  or slip on boots for comfort.  Sometimes I’ll even go comfy bootie.  In any case, my shoes come off once I’m seated on the plane.



My go-to sneakers to wear on a plane are black or white Nikes and Converse.


Jumpsuits are a weird one. Yes, they area a little inconvenient for using the bathroom, but damn some of them are sooo comfortable, like this Summersalt 24-hour jumpsuit. No joke it’s actually amazing.

What should you not wear when traveling?

I’d advise against wearing clothes with multiple straps or buttons.  Airplane and train bathrooms tend to be small and it will be annoying to undo them every time if you’re on a long journey.

I typically don’t like to wear jeans when I travel, though occasionally stretchy ones are okay.

Wearing dresses on a plane is not something I usually don’t do either. I don’t want to risk any wardrobe malfunctions while I’m sleeping or stepping out onto the windy tarmac!

Carry on Essentials

Here are my top carry on essentials. These are things that I always bring with me on the plane for a more comfortable, efficient and enjoyable travel experience.

Passport Holder

Truth – a classy passport holder makes me feel better about myself…and keeps me organized!

Eye Mask

If your body requires darkness to sleep, make sure to get a decent eye mask! I just bought one with padding around the eyes and it makes a huge difference to the free ones they give out on flights.

Ear Plugs

If I put my eye mask on and my ear plugs in I can sleep just about anywhere!

Noise Cancel Head Phones

Struggling to ignore the crying baby? You need noise cancelling head phones! Even with earplugs, a screeching child may get through.



Antibacterial is always a must.

Fanny pack

A couple years ago my cousin gifted me a fanny pack and now I can’t live without one. It’s so great for traveling or for general on-the-go life.

While traveling, my fanny pack will have my passport holder, wallet, phone, chapstick and antibacterial inside. Easy access to the things I’ll need most while at the airport.




If I’m not sleeping, I enjoy taking the plane time to jot down things that pop into my head. I find I come up with ideas or think about things I don’t want to forget while I’m either on a plane, in the shower or working out! Not sure if that’s a good sign or not lol.


I always have Burts Bees by my side!

Rose water spray or face wipes

It’s nice to give your face a reawakening with some rose water spray or face wipes throughout the flights or as soon as you land.

Book or other E reader

I find the best time of reading is on a flight, otherwise I’m too distracted!

Neck Pillow

This really helps during an overnight or long haul flight!

Carry on Backpack

Of course one of my carry on pieces will be a backpack, I have them so much more convenient than a duffle style bag. My backpack usually holds my camera, laptop, chargers, notebook and a few other bits. I also leave room to stuff my fanny pack in here if necessary. (Airlines have the 2 bag carry on rule, but I’ve found typically I can get away with a fanny pack as well).

If you don’t bring a camera along with you when you travel you’ll have plenty more choice!


Camera Backpack

My favorite type of camera backpacks are ones with split top and bottom compartments as well as a laptop sleeve.

Best Carry On Luggage

I used to be a carry on queen, but now that I travel more often for work, I tend to bring a lot more with me. Nowadays, more often than not, I will check a bag.

In terms of luggage – I typically go for a hard case in a neutral color, but I recently acquired the Baseline Domestic Softside Carry-On Spinner from Briggs & Riley (shown below) which I love and feel it’s a real quality bag, so I guess I’m officially swayed from only hard cases!  However, you won’t find me hauling a bag with any crazy patterns or designs. I like to keep it simple!

In addition to Briggs and Riley luggage, I also own a Tripp hard carry on bag in rose gold which is a good lower cost option.

Make sure to check the airline’s measurements for carry on bag size allowance!


What things are not allowed in carry on luggage?

There’s the obvious items like sharp objects and large liquids, but you should always check the TSA and airline carry on policies!


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