What is Boutique Travel?

Boutique travel is my favorite type of travel. I love the immersive qualities and attention to detail it offers. Though not always possible due to location, budget or circumstance, I highly recommend experiencing travel this way at least once.

What Boutique Travel means to me.

To me, boutique travel means a focus on quality over luxury, thought many times it’s both. It will usually provide modern amenities and local flare.

The design concept at the hotel is well thought out and offers an artistic effort or efficient lay out.

The feeling of being there is magical, special or feels like my own.

Seeing the same staff and forging relationships with locals makes all the difference.

Immersing myself in the local art, food and drink scene are my top priorities.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t tick the top 5 places to go off my list, but I’ll visit some spots that are suited to my wants and tastes rather than simply following a guide book. I’ll also leave room for spontaneity. When I get to a destination and meet friendly staff or locals, I usually ask them — where do you spend your free time? Where do you eat?

If I had to choose between a cookie cutter hotel or a well designed (+clean) hostel, I would almost always choose the hostel. Mor often than not you will meet other like minded travelers.

Typical requirements for a hotel being a ‘Boutique Hotel’

When I travel, the accommodation is a major part of package for me. Whether I’m choosing to Airbnb, stay with a host family, glamp or stay in a boutique hotel – it will greatly impact the trip experience.

There is no solid definition of the term, but it’d rather a lifestyle, ambiance or feeling. However, these are some of the typical characteristics of a boutique hotel:

Hotel size

The typical size of a boutique hotel is under 100 rooms and smaller than massive chains.


The service is attentive and helpful but not stuffy or overbearing. It’s generally more relaxed and friendly than traditional luxury hotels.

Design +Personality

A unique, minimal or interesting design, usually with contemporary amenities for the modern traveler.


A trendy urban neighborhood or in the middle of the desert, boutique hotels can be anywhere.

The Best Boutique Travel Experiences I’ve had.

Touring the best boutique hotels in upstate New York and meeting some of the owners.

Visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico and learning about the culture.

Staying in boutique hotels in Puerto Rico , and experiencing the local scene.

Visiting Livingston Manor, NY and finding food gems.

Staying at San Roque Boutique Hotel in Tenerife and exploring the ‘other’ side of the Island.


What’s on my Boutique Travel Bucket List?


Going on a luxury safari.

Glamping Under Canvas at the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone.

Sailing around the French Polynesia.

Staying in an igloo in Norway and seeing the Northern Lights.


What’s on your boutique travel bucket list??

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