Work from Home Jobs that can help you become Location Independent

I really wanted to write this post because I’ve experienced quite a few different jobs to help get me where I am today. I am now officially doing a work form home job full time and it feels amazing!

Having a work from home or location independent job has always been my ultimate goal. I actually have never had a “real” job, unless you consider having a food truck, working in bars and restaurants or running a blog, a real job!

Avoiding the 9-5 Office Life

From an early age I knew I wanted to avoid having an office job. I knew I wouldn’t be happy in a cubicle. Though blogging does require a lot of time sitting at my computer, I also get to travel a ton and work from anywhere I go.

For those of you who have always had a traditional 9-5 the remote workplace may seem a little scary or maybe you’re just unsure how to break into it.

You can either use the experience you already have to seek out an online position or freelance job or build new skills over the years like I did with blogging!

A third option is to ask your current employer about going remote.  The worst they could say is no, right?!

Do work from home jobs really exist?

Yes, they definitely do. I have plenty of friends and family members doing work from home jobs as well as myself and my husband! Working from is becoming much more common and normalized.

Do work from home jobs pay well?

They can. It all depends on your experience!

The Perks of Working Remotely

  • No commute!
  • You can wear whatever you want.
  • You set your own rates (to a certain extent).
  • You can make your own hours in many cases. 
  • There is part time and full time availability. 
  • Eating lunch at home saves you money.

Disadvantages of Working at Home or Remotely

Okay, I figured I’d throw a few of these out there, because no work situation is perfect. In my opinion, the pros heavily outweigh the cons.

  • Less social interaction and lack of community. 
  • At home distractions. (kids, laundry, deliveries)
  • Accountability issues. 
  • Full responsibility for your own tech, wifi and equipment.



Digital Nomad

Work From Home (or Anywhere) Jobs


There are soo many things to blog about. If  there are enough people are searching it, there’s potential to make money on that topic. Keep in mind though, blogging will not be a quick money maker.

For many, it’s slow burn that takes years to build up enough traffic to be able to make a decent amount from it. However, if you’re passionate about a topic and willing to put the hours in, it can really pay off in the long run.

I you want to become a blogger, you’ll need to invest time in courses for things like SEO strategy, but overall the overheads are pretty low.

If you’re serious about learning SEO you’ll need to check out this course.


Content Creator

Being a content creator can mean many things. Content can be video, photo, gifs, etc. Brands will pay you to create content for them which can be used in their digital campaigns.

One way I make money as a content creator is through photography. Brands will send me a product and I take photos of it in my at home set up, or at whatever location I currently am.  I send them the edited images and usually get to keep the product!

This is such a great income stream for me, and it’s definitely one of the best work from home jobs!

Due to demand in content creation, apps and platforms exist to connect brands with creators.

Platforms to find content creation work on:

Travel Consultant

Are you a serious planner or travel fanatic with a plethora of  knowledge in a particular city or area? Have you been to the Florida Keys a thousand times and know everything to do there. Or maybe you live in a highly sought after destination? All the more reason for you to help people plan their trips to that location.

Though it may seem weird to some(planning to me is half the fun), many people don’t have the time or desire to do the research to plan the trip they want. This could mean you plan trips for busy families which have two working parents, or possibly for that CEO who doesn’t have a moment to spare, but surely will want a break at some point! Find you niche and roll with it!


Work from anywhere


Get paid to share you opinions online! This is a job anyone can do from anywhere in the world!

Platforms to find paid Surveys:


Marketing Consultant

I have some experience with this because my husband is a marketing consultant for a hotel and he is on location only a few times a year. He can do the work from anywhere and just has to make sure to be available during the time zone’s business hours.

If you have marketing experience you could start your own consultancy firm and decide where and what type of marketing you will concentrate on based on your past work and interests.



Work remotely as a bookkeeper for companies that choose to outsource. Keep track of records, transactions, and help with the day to day accounting of the business.

Platforms to find Bookkeeping Jobs on:


Data Entry

Are you an A+ typer? This is a highly prized skill when involving data entry. The quicker the better.

Nowadays, when a company switches programs, they may need someone to transfer over the information from the old system to the new system. This is what I did this for a summer and it was painstakingly boring, but it paid pretty well and I could do it anywhere I had wifi.

You could also be transcribing notes, or simply adding new data to their existing database.

Get ready for lots of Excel spreadsheets!

Platforms to find Data Entry jobs online:



Copywriting can be in the form of a blog,  email, social media, you name it. You’ll writing and marketing skills to help sell or persuade your target audience. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge can make a big difference here since most channels will be digital.

Platforms to find Copy Writing Jobs on:

Teaching Online

If you’re already a teacher this one is a no brainer! If you’re not a teacher, you can still do some of these but you may need to get a certification.  Teaching English online is a common option for those without a teaching degree.

Platforms for teaching  Online Jobs:

Freelance Writer

This is one thing I’d love to do more of. However, some of these sites require a monthly fee.

Platforms to find Freelance Writing work on:


Graphic Designer

Graphic design is another job that is always being utilized. The internet is full of

Platforms to find Graphic Design work on:

Virtual Assistant

Many many people who are location independent or don’t have an office look for virtual assisants, once

Platforms to find Virtual Assistant Jobs:

Social Media Manager

Do you have experience in marketing, social media and community management? Why not start your own social media management company?  With very little overheads this is a great option.  There are companies out there needing a little to a lot of help with their social media strategy and implementation and you can choose to take on the right amount for you.

Platforms to find Social Media Managment Jobs:

Video Editor

Unless you’re filming the video, it’s not necessary for you to be there. I actually don’t do much of my video editing,  I chose to outsource this job to someone who can do it better and more efficiently. All I have to do is send over the footage via Dropbox, discuss the look I’m going for, and wallah! I get the fully edited video sent back to me in the same way.

Being able to edit videos is such a huge part of media right now, you should have no problem finding work!

Platforms to find Video Editing Jobs:

Destination/Elopement Photographer

Start your own photography business that travels the world.

An elopement in the Mountains? The Greek Islands? A destination wedding in Mexico? Go where ever your client needs you!


Affiliate Marketer or Brand with Ambassador

This one is closely tied to blogging. Many bloggers make money from affiliate links once they have a decent amount of traffic.

You can also be an affiliate marketer or brand ambassador who reaches out to friends and family to get the word out and sell the product.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

The Lady Boss Blogger put together a list of brands looking for ambassadors.

Ecommerce Store

Make money by selling a product or service online. If you want to sell a product you can look into drop shipping so you never have to physically handle anything.

Online Moderator or Community Manager

For all of the online groups I’m in whether it be a a women’s travel group or a thrift-shopping forum, there’s always a community manager. This is the person who will administer the rules of the group, offer member support and moderate if needed.


Stay at home jobs

Essential Work From Home Tools

Easily transfer and share documents,  photos and videos or chat with work colleagues or clients with these key tools:

  • DropBox
  • Zoom
  • Google Docs
  • Wetransfer

Working from Home as the Norm – Workplace Shift

The world has really been shifting and it seems like stay at home jobs and the digital nomad lifestyle are becoming more and more common. I wonder what the workplace will look like 10 years from now!

What other work from home jobs are there? Please comment if I missed any!




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