Valletta Lucente

Individuality is the essence I crave when I travel. Discovering that quirky cafe, one of a kind boutique shop or hole in the wall restaurant are all  elements that make the experience more satisfying for me.  To my delight, walking into Valletta Lucente, wasn’t like walking into your average hotel.

The receptionist who greeted me at Valletta Lucente was simply glowing.  How could she not be excited to show me what Charles and Maryellen had taken 4 years to finish?


entrance Valletta Lucente

entrance Valletta Lucente

4 years in the making

Yes, thats right, Charles and Maryellen dedicated 4 years to the creation of Valletta Lucente. They sourced and built everything themselves from as nearby as possible . Even the lovely treats at breakfast were locally sourced and homemade. It felt naughty, but I  thoroughly enjoyed the cheesecake at breakfast!

Charles told me that originally the house was not going to be open for guests, but it just happened to evolve that way. So when you stay at Valletta Lucente, you are sharing a piece of Charles and Maryellen. This is their home and treasure. You can feel the love and devotion they put into it and soon as you step through the door.

The little touches throughout the hotel interior are countless. Art and history line the walls of this 400 year old building. Pieces such as the swinging doors on the ground floor or the gorgeous chandeliers have all been sourced or made by Charles and his family. Somehow, the swinging doors retrieved from a nunnery fit perfectly into the Valletta Lucente reception area!

chandelier made by Charles' father, Valletta Lucente

chandelier made by Charles’ father


The breakfast room Valletta Lucente

The breakfast room


I got to see 2 of the 8 individually designed rooms at Valletta Lucente. I stayed in Anne which had a unique interior that made you feel like royalty. The comfy bed is perched up on a loft overlooking the lounge area. It is complete with regal wall decor and furniture .  I also saw one of the penthouses.  The penthouse was set on 3 floors all accessible by a spiral staircase. I’m a sucker for these kinds of staircases, to me they exude a feeling of romance! Both rooms are beautifully designed so that old and new not only coexist, but actually compliment each other.


sofa Anne room

Anne room

Bedside in Anne room Valletta Lucente


Charle and Maryellen are happy to share Valletta Lucente with their guests as well as their knowledge of Malta. To me, it is so much nicer to get tips and recommendations from the locals who truly know a place rather than a guide book.  If you are in Valletta don’t miss out on a chance to experience a stay at Valletta Lucente and please say hi to Charles for me!


To find out more about Valletta Lucente click here.

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