A Guide to Tulum’s Beach Clubs

If you’re visiting Tulum, chances are you’re gonna want to visit a beach club or two. But first, there are a few things you need to know!

Mondays and Tuesdays are generally the quietest nights in Tulum, same goes for days of the week at the beach clubs. You might find it hard to get a DJ at a beach club at the beginning of the week.

The beach clubs work in various ways. Most have minimum spends, some just have a flat rental for a day bed or cabana. If you don’t want to pay to play, you can always kick it in the sand!

If you want to see what events are going on, check Instagram stories of the location you’re interested in!

Tulum Beach Clubs with Major Party Vibes:




The cost of a bed is $2500 pesos, but you get $1500 of that to spend on food and drinks.


Many of the beach clubs are part of a hotel, but not Conestesia! This spot is a beach club and art experience only!

They have a happy hour with 2-for-1 drinks at their bar, which was pretty lucky for us because the drinks were very expensive here! We paid $18 for 2 drinks on the deal.



Vagalume is definitely one of the bougie spots. At this Tulum beach club you  need to rent a chair for $25 then spend a minimum of $125 for a total spend of $150.



Papaya Playa Project

You’ll find resident Djs, mixology, ceviche and a double deck bar all on the beachfront. They include towels  (though the day we went they were having laundry issues and only got one) in their $50 minimum spend on weekdays and $100 on weekends. There is also a small pool you are free to use.

I thought the food was actually pretty food here! The beer was weirdly cheap compared to the cocktails so I stuck mainly to drinking Victoria and Modelo in order to make my minimum spend last.



Chill Beach Session

Coco Tulum

Coco Tulum Beach Club and Bar has picturesque swings overlooking the beach – another instagrammable moment in Tulum! Sit in the sand while enjoying some tasty seafood and cocktails.

La Zebra + The Mulberry Project

La Zebra is a really nice beach club with pink as their main color.

The Mulberry Project is their beach bar which actually started out as a ‘NYC bar in Tulum’ pop up which just never left. The cocktails are amazing and they do 2 for drinks all day on Tuesdays.


We stumbled across Delek while heading to a clothing pop up shop and loved the vibe here. They have a live band on and a bar that opened up to the beach club.

When I asked at Delek about the minimum, they said if we have chairs available you can have one and as long as your consuming it’s fine. We didn’t end up going back to test it out for a full day but I liked what I saw!



I didn’t get to Panamera on this trip but I’ve been to this location in the past and the hotel and pool is stunning!

Ana y Jose

This is a great family friendly beach club. There is a $50 minimum or you can go to the outdoor bar and hang by the pool for no minimum at all. Well at least that’s what we did and no one said a thing!

The entrance from the beach road is very pretty but to be honest the actual beach set up looks similar to many others, though I think they did have a ‘VIP’ area with nicer beds.


Ziggy Beach Club

Ziggy Beach Club has a restaurant and live music daily. There is no entry fee, but instead they have a minimum spend for use of their facilities. Check out their daily specials and special events calendar.

If you don’t want to deal with the minimum spend you can just sit a table for some drinks and food. Their fish tacos are really good here!

Ziggys Beach Club

Ziggys Beach Club

La Eufemia

La Eufemia might just be my favorite spot on Tulum beach!! It has a super laid back vibe, the food is tasty and there is live music most  afternoons. You enter on the top level were the restaurant is or you can go down one level to the bar and a few additional tables where you can literally sit with your feet in the sand. This is also the most affordable beach spot I have come across. They don’t have that many beds so get there early if you want to secure one.

  • No minimum spend


Playa Paraiso Beach Club

Playa Paraiso Beach Club is the main beach club on the public beach side. The actual beach has been recognized as one of the best beaches in Mexico.

Mina Beach Club

A small beach club within a cove. It felt calm and private.



Kanan is a really cool tree-house like hotel.

At their beach club there’s a $40 minimum or you can just have drinks at their bar and still be able to check out the property. They also have some insanely Insta-worthy photo spots!


More Beach Clubs in Tulum:

Casa Malca 

Casa Malca is not only home of the Instagram famous couch, but the old mansion of Pablo Escobar.  When I last tried to go they said the minimum spend was $100 per person, but that was quite late in the day. I’ve heard that typical a day pass is $160 with $110 of that going towards your food and beverage.

Ahau Tulum

Ahau Tulum is home to Raw Love and the famous Ven a la Luz Art installation as well as a beach club.


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