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I’m Lauren, a New Yorker currently based in Devon, England. Although New York has a special place in my heart, I’ve definitely become a lover of the English countryside and have converted to many of the customs.


I get asked countless times why I left New York for Devon, besides this guy I met studying abroad(ha), there are many other reasons! (Mostly in the form of beaches and coastal paths)

Some of you may have already heard about my series on the ‘Most Instagrammable Spots.’ In the series … Read More

About 2% of U.S. students study abroad. But in this day and age of globalisation you would think it would be more!

When I decided I wanted to study abroad I felt like i needed to hunt down information. I didn’t really feel that the school pushed the importance of taking … Read More

It’s been a few years now since I visited Malta. The first time I went here was on a complete whim. I was actually meant to be going on a tour of Eastern Europe with a student travel company called Bus to Alps.

They changed their start location and … Read More

A big part of Summer in New York City actually means leaving it behind at every possible chance.

It’s common practice for New Yorkers to leave the glorious city on the weekends in summer. Many of them flock to Long Island, better yet the (in)famous “Hamptons” to lounge on beaches, eat … Read More

You can’t get a more traditionally British seaside place than Brighton. In Victorian times it was a prime destination for British families on holiday although it still remains quite popular. Fish and chips, beach huts and the pier amusements make it iconic.

Modern day Brighton has more to offer. It … Read More

I’m always worried that if I go back somewhere that I have amazing memories of, I may tarnish them forever. What if it’s not as good as I remember? What if I discover something new that changes my point of view of the place? Going back to Barcelona, where I … Read More

Hey you it’s been awhile, 5 years actually. I’ve never been one desperate for a revisit, there’s too many new places on my list, but when my cousin, Becca asked if I wanted to accompany her to Barcelona I was more than willing! Spain was the first country abroad that … Read More